High Performance

The High Performance House has a proven level of performance in terms of energy efficiency, sustainability, comfort, warmth and ventilation. This is recorded through Homestar assessment. This high standard is achieved through the following categories briefly outlined below:

High Performance Planning

·     strategic orientation and pavilion/link arrangements for site

·     adaptable and flexible planning

·   potential to stage construction to suit needs and budget

·   future consideration

·     planned exterior spaces

·     generous storage

High Performance Energy Efficiency

·     high levels of insulation (walls - R3.6, roof R5)

·     strategic placement of glazing for solar gain

·     thermal mass

·     ability to control and monitor use of power consumption

·     natural and passive heating and ventilation

High Performance Structure

·     prefabrication potential and quality control

·   SIP panel construction, timber framing or steel framing

·   find information on the above construction systems here

·      predesigned detailing

·     structure in exterior walls to allow interior flexibility

·     allowing room for high levels of insulation

High Performance Materials

·     environmentally considerate materials

·     specified glazing and window door types to reduce thermal bridging

·     finishes with minimal environmental impact and low maintenance

High Performance Water Conservation

·     water efficient fixtures

·     grey-water recycling potential

·     appropriate landscaping to collect and absorb rainwater

High Performance Appliances and Lighting

·     energy conscious appliances

·     monitors and timers can be added

High Performance Landscape

·     permeable surfaces

·     minimum excavation

·     shade planting and vegetable gardens

·     location specific landscaping and sustainability assessment

High Performance Measured Performance

·     HOMESTAR rating 6+

·     Post occupancy evaluation

·   Lifemark 4+



Please feel free to contact us for more in depth information about the performance potentials of the High Performance House system.