Introduction to High Performance Houses™


What are High Performance Houses?

High Performance Houses are architect-designed homes that use combinations of carefully designed pavilions and link-ways to create individual, affordable, and energy-efficient homes. Each home is specifically designed to maximise its site and suit the needs of each homeowner. High Performance Houses can be prefabricated or built on site.

The High Performance House concept has been designed by practicing architects at Salmond Architecture to increase the level of sustainably and energy efficiency in homes. It was developed from careful observation of reoccurring patterns in housing needs and solutions.

We believe energy efficient, healthy, architect-designed homes can be made available to a wider range of home-owners by standardising some elements and linking them differently to best suit each situation. The High Performance House has been designed to fit a market between standard plans and one-off architecturally designed homes. 

Why choose High Performance Houses?

  • Sustainable materials and methods using maximum passive heating and cooling

  • Energy efficient - providing a measured level of sustainable performance

  •  7- star energy rating by Homestar

  • 5-star Lifemark rating

  • Ongoing running cost benefits due to energy savings

  • Adaptable building design system allowing for homes to grow with changing family needs - just add on another pavilion when you're ready

  • Cost savings in prefabricating building elements and detailed design, provide design documentation efficiencies 

  • Selection and formation of roof style, cladding, link-way and pergola give each house a different appearance

  • Cater for a wide range of budgets and tastes

  • Great looking homes designed for the New Zealand context


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Design and Performance

This website was created to show the High Performance House modular design process and demonstrate its ability to generate adaptable homes with unique appearances. View our projects tab to see a range of design examples as well as completed High Performance Houses

High Performance Houses have a proven level of performance in terms of energy efficiency, sustainability, comfort, warmth and ventilation. Visit the performance tab for more information.

Any questions?  Contact us directly and we will be happy to discuss any queries you may have. See our Salmond Architecture website for full spec architecturally designed homes.